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Cvijiceva no. 43 (corner of Cvijiceva and Jase Prodanovica), Belgrade,Palilula

+381 11 40 85 467  |  +381 60 35 85 106


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Heluna Interiors Ltd. Belgrade – Palilula Custome projects

For a long years, Austrian company is the one of most important manufacturer for mattress and bed bases.

All of matterss,which you can see and try in our showroom, were made by egronomic rules and a goal is that you have a healthy dream. Even the most simple model will help you to make your dream more quality.

If we are talking about inovations, Kaindl is a leader in area of floors and interior.

They offer very inspiring panels and floors. It began as a small sawmill 1897. and now is a global player of interior.

A new standard in wooden industry,they set up with plants and high-tech instalations.

Blum is an international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings.

 The company's main product groups are lift, hinge, box and pull-out systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture.

Blanco was founded in 1925. They produce kitchen and medical equipment, catering system and areas from stainless steel for industry.

Production of kitchen equipment is focused on making kitchen sink, like the most important place in the kitchen. Blanco is the only one in the world who produce 3 materials (stainless steel, composite material, ceramic) by himself .

For a long years, Blanco is a leader for inovations and quality in that branch. Blanco’s place is in Germany and they employ 1200 people around world.

Studio Bobic is doing design, functional and aesthetic arrange space, designing kitchens and furniture, making preliminary solutions of interior and furniture.

They are projecting and implementing sofisticated systems for video survailance,aproach control, and fire alarms of newest generation, interphones.

Also, they can update your home with decorative halogen and LED lighting. HLSstarted 5 years ago, securing Your automobiles with various electronic and mechanical systems for protection.

They also manage to aquire young, but capable team of engineers, which projects and implements state of art systems for real estate protection.