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Cvijiceva no. 43 (corner of Cvijiceva and Jase Prodanovica), Belgrade,Palilula

+381 11 40 85 467  |  +381 60 35 85 106


mb: 21091529

pib: 108908056

Heluna Interiors Ltd. Belgrade – Palilula Custome projects

Experience says that kitchen is in use for at least 15 years. Because of that it should be practical and nice. Kitchen needs to prove herself through ordinary usage. We offer you a kitchen with optimally utilized space, comfortable motions and great working process. It’s splited in 5 area- storaging, safekeeping, preparation, cooking and washing. Even a small kitchens can be equipped with the latest furniture. With our compactly and functional furniture, the space will be saved and cooking will be a real pleasure.